Frequently Asked Family Law
Questions in North Carolina

In most cases, yes. While you can represent yourself in legal matters, it is typically not advisable to do so given the complexity of legal issues and the court process.

Alimony is a form of spousal support intended to financially assist a party who is a dependent spouse.

Child support can be determined between the parties if they are able to reach a mutual agreement on that issue. If child support cannot be agreed upon, either party can file a claim for child support in the Court, and the Judge will establish child support in accordance with the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines.

In North Carolina there is no presumption that either parent, the mother or the father, is more fit to parent than the other. The Court takes into consideration all of the evidence presented in a child custody case, and the Court will make a custody decision based on what the Judge determines is in the best interests of the child.

Yes. You can resume your maiden name; the surname of a prior deceased husband; or the surname of a prior living husband if you have children who have that husband's surname.


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